Modest Wedding Photos: Eric and Anna’s Wedding

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It was a busy weekend for our family! After saying goodbye to our son for two weeks, on Saturday we attended a lovely and modest wedding on Saturday.  Then our Home Church met at our house on Sunday with a potluck following!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday for the wedding.  There seemed to be between 350 and 500 people in attendance.  There was a meal served of a delicious pasta salad and a green salad, with a wonderful crusty bread and two kinds of ice cream for dessert! The bride’s family found someone who makes a homemade ice cream which is absolutely fantastic! It was strawberry–yum!  The only time we had to stand in line, but well worth the wait!  I heard that 350 were served, however I counted seating for well over 600!  Just a small, intimate party:)

Tables were arranged under tents, with additional tables surrounding that area. It was very comfortable, and everything went really smoothly and quickly!

Here are some photos from Eric and Anna’s wedding that I thought you’d enjoy.

The Family Praying for The Couple
Their Very First Kiss
Getting Carried Away!

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12 Replies to “Modest Wedding Photos: Eric and Anna’s Wedding”

  1. Absolutely beautiful wedding. May God richly bless them as they start on this exciting new journey together blessed by God. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. What a blessing.
    Pastor Naomi

    1. A modest and beautiful wedding that honors God impacts all who are blessed to attend! Modesty comes out of a heart that has yielded every area to the Lord, and hasn’t come under the power of the world’s thinking and influence. I believe wise companions are the most important deterrent to immodest dress…and those companions include movies, music and the internet. Thanks for commenting, Naomi!

    I love the pictures!!! It was such a wonderful, beautiful wedding!

    Thank you for sharing the pictures, Mrs. Gunn!


  3. Thank you, Jessica, and Sandra. The only true union is “holy matrimony,” isn’t it. Love that picture of our oneness with Christ. Can’t be broken.

    1. James! My word, it’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you! So sorry! Thanks for commenting. How are you doing? I will come over and visit…
      but not tonight as it’s getting late, and I am trying to abide by my new schedule, which I just realized I forgot to show you all last week!

      I will try to figure out how to do that, and keep my word.
      Thanks again for letting me know you were here! I’ve missed you.

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