An Announcement!

Wendy Gunn at Faith's Firm Foundation

I’m excited! I’m grateful to the Lord. I’m humbled.

I’ve been invited and joyfully said yes
to become a monthly contributor on the site At the Well!

As a new blogger two and a half years ago, I happened upon a blog of depth and meaning, one that enriched my Christian life, and helped me become a better wife and mom.  At the Well.  The Monday meme I linked up with every week led me deep into God’s Word, thinking about and writing on thought-provoking questions.

Honored and Humbled

I have great respect for and have greatly benefited from the wisdom, love for the Lord, and dedication to excellence I’ve found there.  I am honored beyond words to become a part of this ministry to women.  I am in awe at the Lord’s goodness.

Faith’s Firm Foundation is the Lord’s.  I’ve asked Him to use it as He wishes. I’ve prayed recently for it to grow exponentially, in numbers of subscribers and readers, yes, but, more importantly, in a deeper impact as God bears fruit through this ministry in the lives of readers around the world, as He changes lives, perhaps in ways I will never know.  I’m encouraged to believe that this opportunity is an answer to that prayer!

There is a feeling within me of awe and disbelief to be in the writing company of such a group of Godly women.  Please pray for me as I begin this new endeavor.

Check It Out!

If you haven’t checked out At the Well, also titled “Titus 2 At the Well” you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  Each day a different theme is featured, such as Homemaking, Christian parenting and Marriage, relating to being a Godly wife and mother. Other features include Bible Study and Giveaways.  I encourage you to spend some time there soon!  I know that you’ll be blessed!

Looking Forward To Seeing You This Thursday

I will be At the Well this Thursday, when the theme is “To Have and To Hold.”  It’s a very popular theme, and I’ll look forward to seeing you, “my” dear readers and friends, this Thursday At the Well!

How has God encouraged you this week?

Link up your post below (don’t forget to link back here) and share or leave a comment!

In light of my new endeavors, I have decided to discontinue the linkup, Mondays Are Great, after today.  I will probably continue to write grateful and encouraging posts on Mondays, for I believe that we need to reclaim Mondays to praise the Lord, and it’s been good for me to begin the week glad and rejoicing!  Won’t you agree with me in saying that Mondays Are Great (Glad Rejoicing Encouraged And Thankful)?!

8 Replies to “An Announcement!”

    1. It will be great to see familiar faces, and I hope you’ll comment! I’m a little nervous. Kind of like my first day at a new job or school:)

  1. Congratulations, Wendy! This is a wonderful surprise – and I can think of few others who would be such an added blessing to this site as you will be. Yes, we will continue to rejoice in God’s encouragement and goodness. How privileged we are to live under His grace, His love, His power, and His presence!


  2. Angie,
    “With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.” Job 12:13
    May I grow in wisdom and in understanding, and not speak my own foolishness.
    Thank you for your kindness. I covet your prayers, too.

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