Not Just A Housewife


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Time with the Lord at Faith's Firm Foundation

My place is in my home.  The time there can fly by.  Some days I can wonder what I have accomplished.

One Little Habit

My desire for a life of worth has led me to evaluate and ponder habits lately.  One habit, one little habit can make quite a difference. Changing one habit this week rocked my life. Instead of checking email while eating my breakfast, (I thought I was being a good steward of my time, doing two things at once!) I now walk past the computer to my chair, my comfy chair where I can see the sky out the window. I love the sky. And I begin to read my Bible while I finish my breakfast. And I pray. And I don’t go near the computer until I’ve done the most important things first.

What Would He Change or Rearrange?

This week the Lord drew me to spend more time in the Word.  Looking at my schedule for Reading Through The Bible in a Year, I saw that I had fallen behind.  I am a couple of months behind at present.  Yet, I have found time to blog virtually every weekday, often late at night, causing me to get too little sleep.  I’ve found time to watch movies.  I’ve carved out time for many enjoyable activities.  Not bad ways to spend my time, mind  you, but I had to wonder which of these time-spenders were taking place when I should have been spending time with the Lord.  How was the Lord wanting me to think about time and my days?  What would He change or rearrange?  Changing one habit led to evaluating others and thoughts about life and time.

In The Real World

There is a real world and one that will not last.  Sometimes I get these confused.  This week, as I spent time with the Lord, sitting in my comfy chair in the Family Room, I began to see more clearly again.  As though in a fog, reading the Word cleared the air.

In my home, as in yours, there are a myriad of activities and tasks to be accomplished.  I’m a list-maker, and love to cross off items from my To Do list.  But, when I happen upon an old dog-eared To Do list in a purse I’d forgotten I had, it’s funny how unimportant the items seem on that list.  When I come to the end of my life, faithfulness in the small things will matter, but more importantly, it will matter that I knew God, and feared Him.

My Home, Where The World Is Changed

He must impact every piece and particle of my life, filling my home and life with faith and truth flowing out of my lips with every breath.  Because God loves me and gives me grace to love Him back. Because He has imparted to me faith to believe in Jesus’ finished work on the cross.  Because the Spirit lives in me…this is my reality, and that affects, well, everything.  My life is a story lived out in relationship with Christ.  What He teaches me, I can share with my children, and I can make an eternal impact on future generations because His Spirit is at work in me. Daily. In my home.

Today it affected how I responded to my daughter, who had seen me upset about something a week or two ago, and now I was able to share with her, yes, that was then, but God has given me grace since then to be at peace.  Today I was able to begin again.  To take my schedule in hand and set new goals, believing God gives me wisdom to know what to do when, and knowing that He answers my prayers as I seek to become the woman He wants me to be.  Believing that He can change me.  Today I was able to be the disciplined person that I was not yesterday, forgiven, committing to the new me that God is making from this moment on.

He Makes The Mundane Eternal

My home is my “place” and I sometimes think I need to get “out,” away, for just a little while, but today God showed me that what I need is Him.  “He restoreth my soul.” (Psalm 23)  Being in the home, a stay-at-home wife and mom, a keeper at home, is what I always want to be, because with Christ, He changes the mundane into something eternal.

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8 Replies to “Not Just A Housewife”

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  2. Hi Wendy:

    Your post encouraged me, as the Lord has also been speaking to me about spending more time in His word.


  3. Thanks, Angie. Your words certainly blessed me (I get chills), and they strengthen my passion to speak words of truth and encouragement into the hearts and lives of women. God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is our Only Hope, but He Is Everything! There could be nothing more and He is so loving and kind and woos us, calls us, to come to Him.

  4. Wendy
    Your words are always an encouragement to me. In this time recently as I have spent lots of time reading His Word, and listening to sermons one thing has just so profoundly spoke into my heart is the lack of encouragement, and teaching for women. The speakers I listen to (Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham) are strong preachers, messengers of God, but alot of what they speak about or who they speak to is men. My heart grieves for women, who are being left to try to fumble through their walk to understand the gift we have been given by being wives, mothers, and sisters in Christ. It grieves for their lack of understanding, their lack of knowing how important that time with Him is. Women are being left to try… to just survive… so thank you for your words of encouragement. For the reminders of to prioritize my time, and life. To be sure that HE is my all in all.

    Be strong dear sister–
    Angie Sellers

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