Celebrating Seasons in My Home Decor is Encouraging

Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation
It’s fall, and I absolutely love this time of year.  I wish it lasted longer.  Cool nights, snuggling under blankets, the rustle of leaves, a wispy leaf or two wafting down to the ground, but most still on the trees.  Getting to wear my fleece sweatshirts again, enjoying the softness.

Two of the things I like to do in the fall are get out my fall decorations, and invite people over to our home.  I love to serve hot cocoa and light candles that smell good. Sit and talk and laugh with friends.  I realized a few years ago that if I’m to really enjoy fall, and not completely miss Thanksgiving by going straight into the Christmas season, I have to start earlier in September and include Thanksgiving in my fall theme.  It’s been a bit busy around here lately, what with many weddings and bridal showers, (my daughter Kelsey’s going to be a bridesmaid for the first time!) and getting ready for company coming (our missionary friend, Alfredo, is in town, because his daughter Zelina married our friends’ son, Ryan), so I have only in the last few days taken out a few of my favorite fall decorations.

Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

I love adding in the colors of fall: reds, oranges, and yellows here and there. My family absolutely loves candy corn, and even better mixed with dry roasted peanuts! It’s become a tradition, with the addition of those cute pumpkin candies. I also make sure to get the caramel candy corn for my son.

I think Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays, with a great theme, so in the last few years I’ve gotten some pilgrims when they were on sale, or with my August birthday money saved up.  They and and a few other pumpkins (is it pie-baking time yet?) and candles are reminders to me to be thankful throughout my day and I put them out in September, so I can enjoy them longer.  Did I mention that I love candles?

Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

A little humor doesn’t hurt:  This is a little something a friend gave me:)Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

Thanksgiving Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

For me, changing decor in simple ways makes me happy.  It makes me smile to create a little beauty around our home in simple ways.  It encourages me to see tables cleaned a little deeper and a changed cloth on the table for the season, and to put something on it that I might have even forgotten I had!  Or maybe I’ve looked forward to seeing it out again, almost like seeing an old friend.

Fall Decorations at Faith's Firm Foundation

Encouragement can come in many little ways–creating a touch of beauty and doing little things for my family are just two.

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10 Replies to “Celebrating Seasons in My Home Decor is Encouraging”

    Dear Wendy receive greetings and I thank the Lord for your words because you are a virtuous woman and your desire to share what the Lord has teached you encourage me in Gods love to do what He wants me to do and to obey His word.These decorating details are so beautiful and thats how we show that we are doing our daily work with joy and love for those who we love,and in first place for Him ,our Heavenly Father and our Precious Jesus.

    1. Suanna,
      How nice! It’s fun when you can put something together that brings you joy every time you see it, and blesses your family–and it doesn’t cost a lot! I was seeing the cute gourds at the grocery store today, and I was remembering when my sister-in-law used to grow them and give me some every fall.

      Regarding my decorations, I don’t spend much money. Many of my decorations were “finds” that I happened upon on clearance shelves and they cost a dollar or two, and sometimes I found them in odd places like at the grocery store! I think that’s where I got my little leaf candle holders for 99 cents apiece. Oh, and by the way, this is also a great way to stock up on gifts. When I see a deal like that, I buy several, and I think about whose birthday might be coming up. Then I use them as birthday gifts, bridal shower gifts and even hostess gifts. When we’re invited to someone’s house for dinner I like to bring a little something as a thank you for the hostess.

  2. Amy,
    When I was in school, I loved summer best, but once I started Homeschooling, and being home in the fall, I began to absolutely love this time of year.

    I love to bake pies in the fall, but I haven’t even had time to bake this year, it’s been so crazy busy! I hope to bake some apple pies soon–a tradition:) I love to go to the apple orchard. (smile)

  3. I enjoy seeing all the glimpses of fall decor. It’s my favorite season, too, and even though it tends to be very baking-intensive, I relish it.

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