Commitment to Courtship

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I’m posting over At The Well today–please stop by and leave me a comment, so I can get back to you! The subject on To Have and To Hold is “Commitment to Courtship”!

What are you teaching your small children about love and marriage and what to expect will happen when they get older? Have you talked of boyfriends, liking girls, teased them practically since the day they were born? (but called it “just having fun,” nothing serious)  Your words, encouragement, example, responses…all will establish your small children’s expectations when they grow older.

Are you concerned about the flirting and boy/girl “liking” you see going on, and even being promoted, in your church or Homeschool co-op?

Think through what you believe about dating vs. courtship. Never thought about courtship? Don’t know anything about it? Click on David and Briana’s Courtship Story and Chase and Sarah’s Courtship Story to read some wonderful true life love stories. And check out all my posts on Love and Marriage.  There’s a better way.

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