May I Help You? Part 1

This week of posts is all about encouragement, exhortation, and, well, help for you as a stay-at-hom mom!  (Next week brings Days of Great Giveaways!)  Read “You’re Needing Encouragement, Aren’t You,” Part 1 and Part 2.

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How difficult is it to accept help. God’s help is not only offered, but we are certain to fail without it.  The other morning during my Quiet Time I was reading in 2 Samuel and this repeated phrase jumped out at me:

“And David enquired of the LORD.”

Do you ever get ahead of God? I do.  I had been making plans and scheduling events.  When I read those words, I realized I’d been making plans before going to the Lord and asking Him what I should do.  David first asked if he should even do a thing.  Then he asked if he would be successful in it.  And he waited on the Lord to tell him when to plan a thing, and when to begin it.  Every little detail.

1.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life as a mom of little ones, or by relationships that aren’t what you would like them to be, or by expectations of yourself that you can’t live up to…first, have a good cry (if you need to), then talk to your husband about your needs, but most of all, talk to the Lord.  Trust Him. He knows everything that’s happening to you, He knows everything you’re feeling, He knows what to do about it, and He loves you.

Pour out your heart to the Lord.  Ask Him what to do, and when to do it.  Ask Him if you should go here or do this or that.

When we follow David’s example, we may find our worries, fears and stress fly out the window.  Many of my stresses and worries go away when I ask the Lord first what to do.  Often, what I thought was so important really wasn’t.  Not only must I “enquire of the Lord” if I should do something, but I must ask Him when.  Sometimes I’ve planned the right thing for the wrong time, and it causes nothing but strife.  Especially if I insist on my own way.  (1 Corinthians 13) Be careful of being a brick wall:  immovable. (I’m an expert at this.)  So sure you’re right that you won’t listen to anyone.  God can’t even get through to you!

2.  Are you a perfectionist? Are you like me:  sometimes beating yourself up because you’re falling short of your expectations of yourself?  As wives and moms, we set the tone and example for our families, but that doesn’t mean we have to be perfect.  We never will be.  We need to show by example what to do when we have problems, what to do when we fail, (be humble enough to admit when we are wrong), Who to go to for help, and where to find the strength to continue on.  That is not ourselves, or others, but God, His Word and prayer.

Everyone fails.  Everyone feels insecure sometimes.  Everyone has problems.  Everyone needs God.  You’re not the only one.

He’s there. He loves you. He will help you.

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10 Replies to “May I Help You? Part 1”

  1. Josanne,
    I agree with you that there’s huge pressure to do it all and do it all well, if not perfectly, and when I most wanted to do it all was when my children were small. I heard then that there are seasons in life and there would be time for the other things I wanted to do after my children were grown. And it’s true!

    I still have to constantly tell myself it’s ok to say, “I can’t do it all.” (Asking for help from others–family, friends–sometimes, too, as well as needing God’s help, is ok.) Living with a mom who is super-stressed and impatient (or yelling or upset or crying) because she’s trying to do too many things, or has unrealistic expectations, is not fun. Oh, Lord, keep me from that! (Can’t help but think of Christmas coming, and all the stress that I, we all can put ourselves under during that time! I’ve been thinking of ways to make it less stressful this year.)

  2. Your second point resonated with me, even tho I am not a perfectionist. I think what stands out to me is that as 21st century mothers/wives, we feel the pressure to be able to do it all. I was thankful for eventually coming to the realization that I can’t do it all, and that it’s ok that I can’t do it all. Especially when we have the little ones in the house, that is when we seem to fight perfectionist the most (at least I think I did). But it’s a stage in life that passes, and a time when there aren’t toys strewn everywhere will come again.
    I whole-heartedly agree that our children need to see our human side-not our super-human side.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is such an issue for me, when I am getting ready for company, for instance, to find the balance: showing love to our guests by having a clean home, but not to stress out and impose my way-over-the-top expectations onto my family, which is not loving them. It helps to just keep things generally in order all the time. I am still a work-in-progress:)

  4. Wendy, such a good reminder – what example am I to my children when dealing with my desire to be perfect?? Something to think about today – I know I need to outwardly model my dependence on HIM more than I do. Thanks!

  5. You know, comparing myself to others could also be lumped in there, with all the insecurity, and perfectionistic tendencies:) Haven’t outgrown that yet! He’s still working on me…

  6. What wonderful encouragement you’ve shared! I can never be reminded enough about the importance of taking everything to the Lord. As for being a perfectionist – yes, I struggle with that, too!

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