More Questions on Modesty

Series on Modesty at Faith's Firm Foundation

In our continuing Series on Modesty, I have been thinking about some more questions on modesty–what do you think?

I want you to know that I think these questions are valid, and things we all need to think about, if we aim to be chaste and modest.  Somehow, they sound a little weird upon re-reading them an hour or so after I posted them. I felt a little like I needed to explain.  Have you ever thought about your answers to these questions, and do you have answers, and reasons for the answers you have, which are Biblical.  I hope you won’t think I’m too weird for asking these questions in this setting. Just want us all to think.

Questions on Modesty:

Are pajama pants or is a nightgown more modest?

Do you need to wear a robe around the house when wearing either pajama pants or a nightgown?

Is it ok to be seen in your own home by your family in your pajamas (with or without a robe)?  By people outside of  your family?

Can a guy be immodest by walking around with his shirt off?

Is it ok for a guy’s underwear to show?

Is it ok for sisters and brothers to see each other in their underwear?

Do you need to keep your bedroom door shut at night?

Which of these things are ok for a girl or woman to show:

  • Bare thighs
  • Bare chest (just to clarify: I didn’t say breast, ok?)
  • Bare midriff
  • Bare shoulders
  • Bare arms
  • Bare back
  • Cleavage
  • Bra strap or bra
  • Slip or camisole

In the above question, does it make any difference to your answer whether it’s a family member or someone outside of your family that’s around?

Is your wedding day, or other special occasion, a time when you would answer the above questions differently?

Do the following have anything at all to do with modesty?

  • Wearing stockings/nylons/tights, etc., or wearing no socks
  • Wearing shoes or not, and what shoes you wear
  • Your hairstyle, makeup or the presence, or lack, of nail polish

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