You’re Needing Encouragement, Aren’t You, Part 1

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This week of posts is going to be all about encouragement, exhortation, and, well, help for you as a stay-at-hom mom!  (Next week brings Days of Great Giveaways!)

You’re needing encouragement.  I can feel it.  You need to know that what you’re doing as a wife and mom is not wasted, or unappreciated, unnoticed or the wrong thing!  You need someone to say, “Good job!” To reassure you that staying home with your children and raising them for the Lord is enough.  It’s valuable, it’s eternal, and it’s worthwhile!  You need someone to reassure you that it’s ok to say, “I’m a homemaker.  I stay at home with my kids, and I know that’s where God wants me to be, and I’m proud and honored to be there!”

That’s what this blog is all about.  I feel passionate about encouraging you to be the wife and mom God wants you to be.  I’m here to tell you, “You are doing the right thing.  You are investing in the most important and eternal things that you could ever invest in when you stay home and raise your children for the Lord.  What you’re doing matters.  Eternally.”

This week I’ll be speaking to you to encourage, exhort, and cheer you on in the most important job in the world!

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7 Replies to “You’re Needing Encouragement, Aren’t You, Part 1”

  1. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I became the center of attack just today over how I raise my granddaughter from one person in the church who for some reason thinks my 4 year old should be more perfect in her behavior during church service. I deal with the issues we face, remove her when I need to and try not to allow her to distract the church as a whole. The attack stung and hurt, though God’s word quickly brought me back to perspective.

    1. Debbie,
      The words of others can sting. Whether we’re innocent or guilty. God’s Word has helped me in both instances to see the situation from His perspective. Your story reminds me that my words need to be prayed over more, and I need to think carefully before I share my thoughts with another, no matter how “right” I think I am.

      1. I agree, we always need to pray, and go to Him before sharing our thoughts. Not only for what will come from our mouths, but for how the other will receive and respond. Growing spiritually does hurt sometimes, I always have to remember during these times that God is probably doing a lot of work in me. Through all this yesterday, I realized as I read my morning scripture, I only seen it from one side of perception, after the incident, and I had calmed down I went and read the same scripture again, God revealed both sides of the foundation. We truly have to realize that God is not only speaking to us, but to everyone as a whole. Seek for understanding not only for ourselves, but wisdom in how we respond to others in all situations.

        1. That’s why I can read the same portion of Scripture over and over, because He keeps on showing me new things. Amazing God we serve.

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