Here’s What We Made For Dinner

It’s Food Friday!  Here’s what we made for dinner last night!

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Well, as I was saying, we tried Pillsbury Pizza Dough (both Thin and Classic Crust) from the refrigerator case to make Halfway-Homemade Pizzas last night.  We’ve made pizza using the Boboli round pizza crusts recently, and I personally like them better than the Pillsbury (or maybe it was the pizza sauce that wasn’t quite right–I need to tweak this recipe:), but I could see how the Pillsbury crusts would be convenient, for instance, for making personal pizzas.
 We usually buy packages of Canadian Bacon (sliced), and use it in Egg Bakes, Breakfast Sandwiches, and other recipes that call for ham, so we usually have that on hand, as well as pepperoni slices, and shredded cheese. So, all we had to make sure we had was the canned pizza sauce, and since we were not making homemade crust, the store-bought kind.  Here are the toppings on last night’s pizza:

    • Contadina Canned Pizza Sauce
    • Canadian bacon
    • pepperoni
    • green pepper

  • canned mushrooms (just for me–no one else likes them:)
  • lots and lots of cheese! 
  • sprinkled basil on top


Just lay out the dough on a large baking sheet (15×11 jelly-roll pan) or cookie sheet,  (for tonight’s pizza, the thin crust had to be baked ahead for about 5 minutes).  Then add the pizza sauce (1 can for both–it wasn’t as sweet as my husband likes it–I would probably add my own spices to the sauce to make it taste more homemade and to our liking, or it’s so easy, maybe make my own), lay out your favorite toppings on top, add cheese, and bake for 15 minutes or until done. Cheaper than ordering in, made to order, and fast.  (I would give these a B+) Halfway-Homemade Pizza!


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