Jesus Christ is with you now

“Jesus Christ will be with you in the storm.”

That is something I heard at the Women of Faith conference this weekend.  I can’t wait to tell you what God did there. But…

Last night at 2:00 a.m. my mom called and ended up going by ambulance to the hospital, where my husband and I met her about 3:30 a.m.  I am briefly home now (8:30 a.m.) before going back to the hospital to spend the day with her.  She is scheduled to have an MRI later this morning.  They think it is an irritated nerve in her lower back.  Did I mention that my mom will celebrate her 90th birthday next month?

Please pray for her, if the Lord brings this to your mind.  And, remember, whatever you’re going through today, Jesus Christ is with you, and He’s the same Lord and Savior who calmed the storm, and died for you and was raised, and all that power and the presence of the Holy Spirit is with you now.

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10 Replies to “Jesus Christ is with you now”

    1. Thanks, Heather! (And thanks to everyone for your prayers.) The Lord’s been answering our prayers, and though she’s still in the hospital, things are better, I think.
      Lots of love,

  1. Dear, dear friends,
    What a blessing to come home tonight, weary though I am, to find all your sweet comments, prayers and love expressed. Tears come to my eyes at your kindness. We’re not sure yet what can be done for her. It appears it is a pinched nerve. They are trying different medications, possibly therapy…trying to manage the pain right now. (They gave her perhaps too much pain meds today–morphine and adivan before the MRI–because she was deathly afraid of going into the MRI; I was not there at the time, because I had to take my husband to work. When I returned she was so out of it, and slept most of the day away, but at least wasn’t hurting. Praying with all my heart for a good night tonight, and no excruciating pain for her.)

    Kelsey and I will go down to the hospital in the cities (about an hour from my home) to be with her tomorrow again. Please pray for managed pain, that she’ll be able to return to her senior highrise apartment, that they’ll know how to treat whatever it is, and that we and she will know that she’s saved and she’ll have peace.

    Again, I can’t possibly express how much your prayers and love mean to me. Bless you and love you all!

  2. Thinking of you during this time. May the Lord give the doctors wisdom, your mother peace and you strength for whatever may lie ahead. So thankful she has you to help her through this.


  3. Will definitely be praying for your mom. Wow, 90 years old! Hopefully, she isn’t in too much pain.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your experience at the Women of Faith conference. When I went in September, it was so very uplifting and inspiring. Let me know who spoke at yours – we had Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, and Lisa Whelchel (and others, but these were the women from the main “team”).

    Don’t get too tired, Wendy – take time for yourself too!


  4. Praying for wisdom for the doctors, comfort for your mom and strength and peace for you as you go through this with your mom. ((Hugs))

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