Replenish Your Soul Marriage Conference–Spread the Word!

Spread the Word!

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November 1-3, 2011 is the

Replenish Your Soul Online Marriage Conference!

I’m getting excited and I want as many of you to be able to attend as possible. Whether you’ve got a fantastic marriage, or a hurting one, or anything in between, we all need to grow and keep on learning.

The speakers and topics that are lined up for this conference are great, I know you’ll agree. Click this link, Replenish Your Soul/To Have and To Hold, to sign up today!  Then invite a friend, or 2 or 10. And don’t forget to share it everywhere you are online!

We all want better marriages–I know this will help.

*Affiliate disclosure: I will receive compensation if you click on the links above and sign up for the conference. Of course, I want you to do this, but I wouldn’t tell you about it unless I thought it was going to be an incredible blessing for you!

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2 Replies to “Replenish Your Soul Marriage Conference–Spread the Word!”

  1. This sounds so interesting, I am looking forward to being a part of this conference.

    I like your facebook page and would like to receive a copy of “Ten Things To Make Your Children Mind.”

    1. Debbie,
      I’m so glad you’re going to go!

      (Unfortunately) if someone is a “friend” already, it doesn’t take you to the Welcome page, where if you “like” my page, it automatically comes up with the “Ten Things.” I’m so glad you asked. I will send you “Ten Things to Make Your Children Mind” right away! Hopefully others will ask for it, as well, if they haven’t received theirs!

      Again, looking forward, with you, to Replenish Your Soul!

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