Top Ten Ways God Is Encouraging Me

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Here is my latest list of Top Ten Ways God is Encouraging Me:

  1. Celebrating my Spiritual Birthday this Thursday, October 6:  Love Lifted Me!  I am so very, very thankful for 36 years saved by the grace of my Heavenly Father, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His resurrection!
  2. The most beautiful weather this September! I love fall!
  3. Peace from the Lord: awhile back I made a conscious decision not to think or worry about the future events coming up, (they had the potential of being over-the-top, overwhelming, over-busy, over-emotional days with too many decisions, responsibilities and details). The Lord led me to lay it all on His altar, and live and think about one day at a time, asking Him, “What do You want me to do today?”  He also gave me grace to shut the door against the anxious thoughts when they came pushing into my mind, “What about ____? What’s going to happen? How is this going to work out? What are you going to do??”   As each event took place, and each day and week has passed, the Lord has flooded my soul with unspeakable and unanticipated peace. It’s been amazing. He’s worked out every detail better than I ever thought possible, took away my fears and anxiety, and left me with abundant joy! I am so grateful to the Lord.
  4. Our recent visit from our friend Alfredo, who is a missionary in Mexico, was the biggest blessing.  God poured out encouragement to everyone!
  5. When my husband said, “We’re going to do (this thing)” I appealed, because I thought I couldn’t handle it, and it would put me “over the edge,” but God gave grace to quietly accept the decision, without arguing, as being directly from the Lord.
  6. God is giving me spiritual eyes to see the blessing of the above decision, because it’s causing other situations to be so much easier, and more peaceful.  I’m thankful to the Lord for His leading through my husband.
  7. The Lord’s patience with me.  (Oh, how I must try Him!)  He continues to gently teach me the same lessons over and over and over again.
  8. Seeing my sin through the Word of God and His gentle reproving of it.
  9. The opportunity to ask and receive the gracious forgiveness of others.
  10. Hope for the future.  The promise of heaven. The yearning to see my Saviour, and the awareness of His presence and love.

I would love to hear how God has been encouraging you.

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7 Replies to “Top Ten Ways God Is Encouraging Me”

  1. I thought you would’ve put up ten extra ordinary things in your list but your list your list is very simple and sweet. Loved each of them very very much esp when you say that He teaches you the same lessons over and over again,so patiently.

    1. Joey, sometimes God shows His love in the ordinary and the everyday, and we miss it! It helps me so much to write down ways He’s encouraging me, because it causes me to notice that He IS encouraging me in little ways all the time. Thanks for your very, very encouraging comment:)

  2. Celebrating 36 years of knowing the Lord??? Did you receive Christ as a baby? (You obviously look younger than you are!). I celebrated 14 years on March 1. Your list has encouraged me! (Thanks for sharing)

    1. Cheryl,
      I actually own up to all my 55 years! Grateful for life after cancer 9 years ago. But, maybe I will start posting a “Comment of the Day” because you would definitely win with this one!! I might even copy it and put it on my fridge! 🙂 lol
      Thank you! and May your day be blessed!

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