When The Way Seems Rough

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Is Your Way Seeming Rough Today?

When the way seems rough,

When it seems too hard,

That’s the time to stay the course

and trust in God.

One foot in front of the other,

not thinking too much

Just doing what you have to do

and knowing God is there

knowing He’s at work.

It’s going to get better, it’s going to be alright.

Resist Satan, continue to do right

You’ll come through the tunnel soon

Don’t be afraid though you’re suddenly thrown into darkness,

you were headed in the right direction

Don’t veer or turn aside–

He was there with you before and has not

left your side.

Keep looking straight ahead

There’s a light–you’ll see it soon,

and you’ll rejoice, you know, then,

So rejoice now, in faith, for the Light you know is there

and keep on pressing on though it seems all darkness now

In faith press on to the Light, holding on to what you know is there,

though you can’t see it.

Hold His Hand, keep pressing on.

The Light will come, you’ll see it soon.

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8 Replies to “When The Way Seems Rough”

    1. Jamie, It’s so good to see you! Thanks for commenting, so I could know you were here:) It’s been too long. I have thought of you often; I hope you are doing really well!
      Hope you’ll be a “regular” and familiar face around here! I always enjoy your warm comments:)

    1. Thanks, Jessica and Debbie,
      I was feeling kind of discouraged and wishing I could just go back and pull the covers over my head this morning and stay in bed all day–I was the one needing these words this morning. I sat down with a pen and paper and the Lord encouraged me and I just wrote down what He gave to my heart. Out of my need, He blessed others, ‘cuz He’s so good and kind. What a wonderful Lord we have!

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