Calm Heart, Organized Christmas (CHOC) #3

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Calm Heart, Organized Christmas (CHOC) is a weekly Tuesday series. I am also doing a complementary video series called “A Helping of Hospitality.” Because, there’s a whole lot of gettin’ together goin’ on! In this Thursday Hospitality series I will share with you thoughts on the heart of hospitality, ways that I’ve found to handle having an open home with a lot of hospitality, and ideas to simplify the whole process. I hope that you’ll join me for each of these!

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So, this week I’m thinking about…Thanksgiving!  (I hear you all saying, I thought this was about Christmas! Keep reading.) That seems appropriate since it is only a few days away.  I never want to become so busy preparing for Christmas that I overlook Thanksgiving!  I love this holiday.  I love that it prods me and pokes at my lethargy and take-everything-for-grantedness, and won’t allow me to continue in them!  I need to be more thankful to the Lord.

Last year I bought a book, “Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember,” by Barbara Rainey.  I heard the author interviewed on the radio, and bought her book, and after seeing it, I promptly bought more for friends’ Christmas gifts.

This past week I have so very much enjoyed reading parts of this book.  Do you forget sometimes some of the facts behind Thanksgiving?  Well, I do.  In this book, Rainey tells an abbreviated story of what the Pilgrims had to endure, showing their faithfulness to thank the Lord:  through it all they turned to God in every circumstance, and when He helped them, before doing anything else, they thanked Him.

To remain calm and organized for Christmas (that was the main purpose of this whole series, right?) I have spent extra time in the Word, spent more time with my family–tonight we’re watching Cars 2–and I’ve tried to “let go” of feeling that I have to “do it all.”  (Let go of having to do everything on my list of Christmas preparations, that is.)

I am praying about priorities and trusting God with the goals.  This past week I found out we may get company we weren’t planning on, and they might stay for 5 days.  These are the kinds of things that cause me to “let go” because I realize that God is in control, that He has allowed these circumstances, and I feel His presence, because I have to rely on Him when there’s no way to go on in my own strength!

The only Christmas activity I completed this week was inputting my Christmas Card List into an excel spreadsheet.

The thinking I have done is thankful thinking, and really trying to decide what is “important” and what is merely “traditional.”  It’s good to evaluate traditions. To pray and ask God to reveal what He wants to happen.  Which of our “traditions” really point to Him, or are meaningful?  These were a couple of the questions I was asking myself this week.  Asking questions of yourself is one the most effective and successful organizational tools that I use frequently, and one I highly recommend.  So, I guess I did do some Christmas activity after all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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