Attention Married Couples

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A little attention and common courtesy go a long way in marriage. “But, it’s Christmas time and I’m especially busy now,” I can hear you say. Have you been awfully busy lately? That’s what we all could probably say.  But. When is life not busy?

Do we wives look like a blur rushing by our husbands?  When’s the last time you really stopped and looked at him? Close your eyes and try to picture his face.  No, I’m serious! If you can’t see his face very clearly, may I suggest you take a good long look at your wonderful husband tonight.

Well, on that note, please read my post over At the Well today and you’ll find a marriage tip that is said to have the potential to revolutionize anyone’s marriage.

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Hope you’re celebrating a memorable and Christ-centered Christmas season!

(Look for a review here very soon of the new book by Hal and Melanie Young, Christ-Centered Christmas–The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating a Christmas Your Family Will Never Forget.)
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