Merry CHRISTmas!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

We traditionally spend Christmas Day just us as a family. We read the Christmas Story from Luke 2, and open gifts.  As our kids have gotten older, this has happened later and later in the day–they’re less impatient to open gifts:) and they prefer to sleep in.  This year I had time to clean up the kitchen and put on my makeup before celebrating!  We didn’t have church today, because our church did an unprecedented thing this year, and we had our Christmas service yesterday morning.  It was fine once. I believe we worship on Sunday mornings for a Biblical reason, Jesus’ resurrection. That event changed everything!  It is a quiet day today, and relaxing.

If your day is a little more laid back and you have some extra time to read, here are inspirational, thought-provoking and encouraging posts that will help you celebrate the real reason for Christmas–Jesus!

Our weather is very unlike “Christmas” in Minnesota! We have no snow, and the high is predicted to be 40 today.  It’s unknown how the ice on the lake will be for skating, but Dane and Kelsey will try.  Since my husband is off work, we have a few days to relax–my favorite time of Christmas–and invite families over!  My son has to work, though, so we will perhaps have to adjust to that.  Life changes, and traditions have to bend with changing times, but one thing remains the same, Jesus Christ was sent into the world for a fallen humanity, to save us from our sins!  I rejoice and celebrate His birth, I celebrate Jesus today, and am so thankful for the Greatest Gift ever given!!

Merry Christmas!

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