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Well, I know everyone is still getting back into life after Christmas. Since there were no entries in the giveaway, there is no winner to announce, and I’ll talk to Phyllis and we’ll decide if we’ll do the giveaway at a later time or not.

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New and revised: Purposeful Planning – E-Book

and Dan’s Doodles


It’s the time of year for setting goals and thinking about the future, things you’d like to do differently next year, making “resolutions” perhaps…planning.  I like to spend time thinking and praying, and not dive into anything.  I also like to do this several times a year.  For one example, I used to do “school-year planning” before our homeschool year began, and then I again would evaluate and take stock, setting new goals in January.

Would you like to be more intentional about where you’re headed, what you want to accomplish, and the goals you set? Would you think it a dream to sit down with your husband and really have his ear, and discuss your dreams, and goals? Would you like to include your family, and at least talk about how you’d like to see things be different?  Here is a great ebook by my dear friend, Phyllis Sather, that will help you and your family, called Purposeful Planning.  Phyllis has generously offered one copy for this giveaway, and also a copy of her husband’s popular “Dan’s Doodles”!  Read on for descriptions of each, and how to enter!

Purposeful Planning

Phyllis says:

This issue still contains all of our original material, but with the help and encouragement from our faithful readers and people who have put these methods into practice in their own families we have added even more suggestions and ideas.

We have also added more thought provoking questions to help you to relate well to each other and your children.

The goal is still the same: to discover the Lord’s plan for your family.

Does having your spouse’s undivided attention appeal to you? Planning weekends give you time to dream, to talk together about what you wish, or want, at a time when the other person is really listening.

Do you need a plan to keep your family moving in the direction the Lord is leading you? Perhaps you don’t know where the Lord is leading you. Phyllis takes you step-by-step through the process of planning a time together for your family to help determine the path the Lord is choosing for each area of your life. Her family has followed this format for over 12 years and has found that it provides the compass they’ve needed to plan and stay on course.

This time-tested method of planning will give your family new direction for the future. Start today! Choose the dates for your planning weekend, read her book which has the entire “how to” included, and go for it!

Finally, help to discover the Lord’s plan for your family.

Dan’s Doodles

For years my husband has been doodling every time he has to sit and listen for any length of time – sermons, teachings, school. One time our pastor thought he was taking great notes, until he saw his doodling. Over the years, 24 in July, I’ve come to think of it as art.

After posting some of them on my website several people suggested that they would make a great coloring book – so here it is! ! I’ve included a dozen of my favorite doodles in this first edition.


“Wow, I can’t believe this guy just doodles these kinds of pictures! Dan’s Doodles are very intricate, so not for the younger child, but tweens and up would have lots of fun coloring the designs. I also think it would spark the creativity of the artistic child to try and draw like this. Kelly”

“My 7 year old son and my 10 year old daughter both enjoyed these delightful doodles. The intricate designs lend themselves to long coloring sessions…perfect for long car trips or other “waiting” times. Fun enough to do more than once. Deb” 

How To Enter To Win

Mandatory:  Follow Faith’s Firm Foundation via Google Friend Connect.  If you already follow FFF, then it’s mandatory that you go to Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness (Phyllis’ blog) and follow her (  If right now you follow neither of us, then choose one of the two (or both) and follow and don’t forget to leave a comment for each thing you do!

One Additional Entry Each:

1. Share a goal or new year’s resolution in a comment (one that you would allow me to share with my readers as an example in a future post on goals, planning and the new year).

2. If you have not already done so, subscribe to Faith’s Firm Foundation via RSS or subscribe via email.

3. Visit Phyllis’ blog and go to her bookshop and tell me which item you would like to own and why.

This giveaway is open to all, and will close on January 7, 2012 at 11:59pm.  I will draw and announce the winner here on January 9, 2012.

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  1. The doodle book looks fun… there is a bunch of research that proves people who doodle while listening to presentations retain more information! Dan must have been a really good listener 🙂

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