Raising Real Men Authors Coming To Speak!

We are super excited to tell you about an event coming soon!

Hal and Melanie Young, authors of Raising Real Men, are coming to Minnesota to speak March 27th!

“Fresh from a state tax audit to prove that yes, they’re all ours, Hal and Melanie Young, authors of the Christian Small Publishers Association 2011 Book of the Year, Raising Real Men, are parents of six real boys and two real girls. They have homeschooled through eight high-risk pregnancies, three re-locations, two decades, and 181 degrees of longitude. Hal and Melanie have served on the Board of Directors of North Carolinians for Home Education for over 14 years, including three terms as President for Hal. They have published articles with The Foundation for Economic Education, Homeschooling Today, the John Locke Foundation, Homeschool Digest, TEACH Magazine, Homeschool Enrichment, the N.C. Family Policy Council, the Heartland Institute and more. Hal and Melanie have made more than 50 media appearances in venues as wide ranging as The Jesse Lee Peterson Show and the Bob Dutko Show to Mancow’s Morning Madhouse and CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. They are sought after conference speakers who routinely draw standing room only crowds with their mix of uniquely entertaining cross-banter and practical, powerful Scriptural principles. Hal & Melanie have glorified the Lord through some extreme challenges with Hal successfully fighting stage IV cancer and their youngest dealing with a life-threatening heart condition. Despite it all, the Youngs live in noisy familial bliss in North Carolina.”

When: Tuesday, March 27, 7:00-9:30 p.m. (Get your notebook or calendar out and write it down now!)

Where: Lake Union Covenant Church (a newly remodeled sanctuary will make it very comfy).   Map here.

What: Hal and Melanie will present on two topics, Raising Real Men, and Ballistic Homeschooling, (see below for descriptions) with a short break for treats in between. This will be an informal setting, with opportunity (hopefully time) to meet and talk to Hal and Melanie (they will also have a number of their children with them) and get your book autographed, too!

Cost:  The event is free, but we will be taking a freewill offering.

Please Note: Materials will be available for purchase, and their book, audio messages, and other resources are also available to order off their website (www.raisingrealmen.com).

Contact: For more information, contact us, Jerry and Wendy Gunn, faithsfirmfoundation@embarqmail.com.

If you live anywhere in Minnesota or nearby, please plan on attending and let your Homeschool Co-ops and Moms groups and Parenting Groups and Adult Sunday School classes know and anyone else you think of!  Put it on your blog and facebook and tweet about it, too!  We really appreciate it!  We are super excited!

You can listen to a wonderful interview with Hal and Melanie Young that Kevin Swanson aired (click on the link).  It’s very encouraging! And go to Hal and Melanie Young’s website, Raising Real Men to check them out further. (Buy their book, order their messages to listen to, and maybe you can get them to come speak in your area if you don’t live in ours!)

“This is a book that every family should have… as the book gives tremendous insight into understanding how boys think and why they act as they do. This book meets a crying need in an area where there is very little specific direction. Thank you Hal and Melanie for this outstanding work of the Lord.”
J. Michael Smith, Esq.
President, Home School Legal Defense Association

“Raising Real Men is long overdue… In an era when the church has lost a biblical concept of masculinity and femininity this book is a breath of fresh air.”
Dr. Tedd Tripp
Pastor, Author, Conference Speaker

This event is open to older children as well as their parents, so I hope you will let people know that—and I hope you will come! Raising Real Men is one of the best books I’ve read on this subject. I wish I’d had it years ago!  I highly recommend it! This event will apply to raising and Homeschooling all ages, both boys and girls, so everyone will benefit, but especially if you have boys!

Here are synopses of the two talks they will give:
Raising Real Men
“In spite of what the culture is telling us, boys and girls are different. Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of history, or had a single math lesson take three hours? Then you’re probably raising boys! If the world seems intent on gender-bending and forcing our sons into a feminized mold, Hal and Melanie, parents of six boys, explain the Biblical way out – and a better way to turn homeschool wigglers into Christian men!”

Ballistic Homeschooling
“How to not only live through homeschooling boys, but to love it. Modern day school culture is very boy-unfriendly and it’s easy to carry that over into our homeschooling because that’s all we know. Have you ever yelled, “Stop it!” to a boy tapping his pencil, wiggling in his seat and humming, only to have him say, “Stop doing my math?” Find out why Thomas Jefferson wrote at a standing desk, how a white board can turn on a light bulb, and why in the world your son does the things he does. Make school more enjoyable for everyone and equip your boy with the learning he needs for manhood.”

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3 Replies to “Raising Real Men Authors Coming To Speak!”

  1. What a pleasant surprise it was to have you visit me last week! Yes, all is well – life is keeping me busy, and God continues to grow my faith (OUCH!!) It was good to hear that you’re doing well.

    I just found out that a blogging friend is going to start homeschooling her kids next year for the first time. I’m going to give her your link – I think you can provide her with some very helpful info.

    And Wendy, though we’re not in touch as often as before, I know you’re out there – and I know that God is continuing to use each of us in our own little “neck of the woods!”


    1. I know everyone will enjoy hearing them–they’re super informative as well as fun! (Might be good to mention to anyone who remembers this church from the past and its old sanctuary and who doesn’t know, that the church has been remodeled and made larger, and is a really nice and comfortable space now:)

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