Sometimes Family Reunions Are No Picnic (repost)

For some Homeschooling families, being with extended family and attending family reunions is no picnic!

If you are going to be attending a family reunion soon, here are some tips that may help you:

  • Be “Prayed Up”

Before you are going to be with family or others who you have reason to believe will not share your beliefs or will attack your decisions regarding Homeschooling, child-training, dress, or way of life, be in serious prayer, binding Satan and bathing yourself in the Word.  Be “prayed-up” as they say.  You know, I think God has really used family gatherings in my life to cause me to take a good hard look at myself and our immediate family.  It has caused me to examine myself, which is very necessary. I need to confess any known sin, and make sure that I’m not haughty and proud.  I need to have the right attitude towards others and respond rightly to their comments.  So, in this sense, it has been a good thing. When you’re attacked or challenged, thank the Lord for it and don’t be bitter.

  • Keep a Clear Conscience

When attending a family reunion you can be walking into a spiritual battle. We must go into them prepared.  Keeping a clear conscience is really important.  You’ll get clobbered if  you try to go into a spiritual battle in your own strength.  Get rid of hidden sin.  Like the Israelites in the battle of Ai, you can’t have hidden sins, and try to go into a battle and have victory!

  • Let your husband do the talking

Whenever possible, let your husband answer any questions, and generally be the spokesman for defending or explaining your beliefs, choices and convictions to others, (especially when at a family reunion of his side of the family!).  Stay physically by his side, so you are protected. (Other benefits to this are that you will enjoy the shoulder-to-shoulder time, too.  And you will have his help with the children.)

What To Do When You’re Cornered

I have found  myself “cornered” sometimes, despite my best efforts.  When this happens I shoot up a prayer to the Lord, and by the help of the Holy Spirit, (and trying to respond in a spirit of love, as much as possible), I just do the best that I can.

But, when this happens to you, if all is well between God and you, don’t allow these confrontations to undermine your determination to follow what you believe the Lord is leading you to do with raising your children and in your family.  Don’t allow these confrontations to shake your confidence in following the Lord, and doing the right thing, as long as, before the Lord, and talking with your husband, you honestly believe you are.

But do let it cause you to be on your knees more, confessing any pride, arrogance, haughtiness, selfishness, lack of love for others, etc., etc. We need to humble ourselves so that the Lord doesn’t have to!

Confess and correct any bad attitudes you have toward those who attack and question you and look for opportunities to show love to and for them, and to serve them. If I’m really loving others and looking for ways to serve them, it’s amazing how the hostilities and confrontations melt away.

I think God has allowed me to endure attacks just so that I would learn to show Christ-like love to people (maybe He wanted them to come to Christ and He used this, or maybe He wanted me to learn to love my “enemies” better).

The bottom line when interacting with extended family members is to show love to them while still protecting your children from harm. In an amazingly short time your “fruit” will speak for itself—literally!

What You Have To Look Forward To!

Your wonderful Christ-like teenagers and young adult children will answer for themselves, and share their own convictions about the way you, as a family, do things.  They will have made your standards “their own,” assuming the standards are Biblical and you have shown them why from the Bible you do what you do.

They will exhibit a love for the Lord and others, and your harshest critics will now become your most ardent supporters!  Your children’s love for the Lord and Godly lives will show that you did the right thing and family members who predicted doom for you will now see that the bad things they thought would happen because of your choices not only didn’t happen, but rather produced the very thing they admire and respect!

Your teenagers and grown-up children will now have their own convictions in their hearts and be the best spokesmen for Homeschooling and following the ways of God in raising children the way you tried to do.

Then you will sincerely and truthfully say, “It was by God’s grace, and for His glory alone, but I gratefully praise Him for the wonderful children we have!”
May God bless you as you strive to live for the Lord and interact with family this summer!
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8 Replies to “Sometimes Family Reunions Are No Picnic (repost)”

  1. Thought provoking post, even for a non homeschooling family. It’s been some years since I homeschooled, but we can still face the situations you described at family gatherings. When values don’t match up, sparks sometimes fly. Thanks for the encouragement to stay true to our convictions and arrive ‘prayed up!’
    Dotti 🙂

    1. Being prayed up prior to family gatherings where values may not match up for whatever reason would be my number one tip for an enjoyable time together. The power of prayer against the enemy and the Holy Spirit’s power to dissipate strife cannot be overstated! There are so many reasons families have problems when they get together (not just Homeschoolers have this problem), but it is such a blessing when extended family can interact and love one another, so it’s worth continuing to work on this area. Thanks for your insightful comment, Dotti:)

  2. I have always wanted a big family….. now i am quite happy with my small clan…… i can then increase it with friends that i have chosen myself… lol

    1. God grows us through our family members, and through them we learn valuable lessons in loving others, and developing the character we so desperately need. Too often, I provide this service to others, as well:)

    1. Phyllis, Your post tied in with mine beautifully, and gives an example of how God gives us the words to say as we need them and leads us in our interactions with family and others out there in the world. Each situation will require perhaps a different response. I also love Dan’s suggestion of asking the other person questions about what they do and who they are, and getting people talking about themselves! This is a skill to cultivate and teach to our sons and daughters. Conversation then becomes comfortable, and we will find meeting new people fascinating!

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