Training Sons to Be Confident and Decisive (Series: Part 2)

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This is Part 2 of Training Sons to be Confident and Decisive.

Moms–5 Don’ts and 5 Do’s

  • Don’t answer for your children or let one child always answer for their younger sibling.  Don’t be their spokesman.  I really had a hard time with this one.  I know it’s embarrassing, but even if it seemingly takes forever for them to answer, wait silently!  If they don’t answer after a reasonable time, just smile and say to the person speaking to your son, “I’m sorry, we’re working on that,” and then at home practice and instruct (in a non-threatening way and time) how to politely answer questions from adults and children.
  • Don’t correct your son in front of others.
  • Don’t give excuses to others for your son’s not speaking up.  Don’t explain how shy they are, or explain how they take after their father, (or whatever you do to make yourself feel better, because you’re embarrassed).  (Have you noticed how many times your own embarrassment has been a part of this subject?) When he does speak, don’t embarrass him by making comments or excuses about what he said, or about him.
  • Don’t restate or refute what he said unless absolutely necessary, and then be polite to your child in how you do it, and be gracious.
  • Don’t talk about your children to others in front of them!  (Don’t talk about them in a bad way behind their backs either.)  Be loyal, and practice saying positive, affirming statements about them. This goes for your husband, too.
  • Do train your children to speak up clearly and look people in the eye when they answer.
  • Do train in good manners, without belittling them, from an early age.
  • Do be proactive, teaching in non-confrontational moments when they have done nothing wrong, rather than waiting until they’ve done something wrong to teach and train about what is right to do in that particular situation.
  • Do be the best example of how to act confidently and be decisive. Talk through what you are thinking as you make decisions on small matters throughout the day, and why you choose the way you do.  Do exhibit peace and trust in Christ and show faith and not fretting, stewing, and second-guessing your decisions.  Show by example how to go to the Word of God and to pray when you have an important decision to make.
  • Do point them back to the Bible and the love of Christ for the motivation and example of why they should act as you tell them to.  Teach them why they should practice good manners and learn to speak up confidently, and why it is important to learn to make wise decisions, behaving themselves as confident and decisive boys and men, for the glory of God.

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