Now It’s Really Summer, Part 1

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Hello!  It’s been almost a year since my last post.  I was shocked it had been that long.  The Lord has been prompting me recently to make time for blogging on a more regular basis (not sure yet how often He thinks “regular”

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should be:), but, here I am!  I’m pretty excited to be connecting with you all again, and it would sure be an encouragement to me to keep on sharing my thoughts here, if you would say Hi, leave me a comment, like this post, share it, or all of the above!  I’ve missed you!

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The 4th of July is typically thought of as the halfway point of the summer.  Is your summer going as you’d hoped and dreamed? If not, don’t give up hope! Read on, and then take time to regroup before the summer’s over, with suggestions from this two-part series on Now It’s Really Summer. It’s a great time to take stock and make adjustments!

Dreamin’ of Summer

Moms dream of summertime.  When I was in the midst of being a Homeschooling mom, I took summers off from school.  That didn’t mean we didn’t learn, though.  For my family, summertime included reading living books, (book recommendations here), character building activities for the children, training our children to work together with us in home projects, family vacations where “teachable moments” were plentiful, enjoying simple family time together and building family ties.

Even if you Homeschool all year long, summer usually means that learning takes on a more relaxed feel, and you have opportunities to do fun things together as a family.  Unless…your summer is scheduled before it begins, and you’re too busy going in separate directions (maybe taking your children to their sports practices and games, clubs and events), and your list of expectations for the summer exceeds the time planned to do it, and it’s over before you even know what happened.

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Busier Isn’t Always Better

If there’s one thing I would like to teach younger moms, it’s that being busier doesn’t necessarily mean being more spiritual.  Building a close, Godly family that loves the Lord and is being used of Him, who are growing in Christlikeness and who are bearing much fruit, isn’t going to just happen.  You have to continually yield yourselves to Jesus Christ, train up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and guard against Satan’s sneaky, subversive attacks. You all have to continually be in the Word, obey it and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, how can you have the summer you’ve dreamed of, and the kind of summer that you and your children will remember forever? The kind of summer that will encourage and refresh, and that will make brothers and sisters best friends, train children to work hard and be disciplined, that will cause you to come closer to the Lord, build close family bonds and increase Christlike character?

Tips to Having a Great Summer

1. Pray first.  (Long intentional pause…)  

This is such a “Duh,” but as much as I know this, it’s something I realize I have to be reminded of myself.  How can we expect our summer to be what the Lord wants for us, and for it to build up our family in the Lord if we don’t even pray about it? So, let’s first of all, take time to pray.

Pray that it will be the summer God wants it to be, that He’ll lead you and give you wisdom as you plan, help you train your children in Christlike character and that He’ll bring to you the activities He wants you to participate in. Don’t think you’re going to miss out if you take a little time to think, pray and plan first.  Don’t assume anything about your summertime activities. Don’t say, “Yes,” to one more thing until you do. Put it all up to the Lord and let it be His decision.

This is not just one of the tips, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will do.  So, I will stop here, for now, so we can pray about what God wants the rest of our summer to include.

Look for Now It’s Really Summer, Part 2, tomorrow.

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  1. Nice to see you back! I’m glad I have things borrowed from you. I see them and think of you. I always appreciated your posts!

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