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Encouragement, tips and tools to help you
build a loving marriage, train up Godly children,
and bear lasting fruit, standing on the
Firm Foundation of Faith in Jesus Christ.

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A Little About Me

I’m Wendy Gunn, and I welcome you to my blog, Faith’s Firm Foundation! I named it that, because of the hymn, “How Firm a Foundation,” which I love. If you haven’t read the words to it lately, I recommend it!

10 Random Facts about me:

  1. I’m a people-person. That pretty much defines me. I love people and being with them. I’m an extrovert, energized by being with people.
  2. I’m a night owl:) My brain comes awake about 11AM and I get my second wind about 9:30PM! It is not uncommon for me to be awake until 1:00AM. Sometimes later:) I’m working on this. Would like to get this back to 11:00 or 12:00:) as my best sleeping time would be 11:00 to 7:00.  While Homeschooling, I went to bed by 10 or 10:30 and got up every morning for family devotions at 6:15AM, so I know it is possible to reset and train my body clock, but now that I don’t have to get up, and I’m at that age when sleep can be difficult, I have reverted to my natural body clock:) It seems to me, though, that part of heaven is that it’s “eternal rest”! Don’t we, especially women, have a lifelong problem with getting enough (and good) sleep? Just sayin’.
  3. I love color. I am energized by it. In clothing, I am a “summer” season, but I love bright colors, using different colored pens and markers, and decorating with a “pop” of color.
  4. I am totally outgoing and energized by PEOPLE!!! But, I am a thinker, analyzer, and planner and love spending hours planning out events, schedules, everything!
  5. I love paper and forms. I like taking those plans and making a form to make life easier and more organized and efficient.
  6. I tend to be a procrastinator, but I have learned to be more disciplined.  I have read about and studied organization for many years and tried to become more and more organized. I have not arrived in this area, by any means, but organizing has kind of become a hobby with me!
  7. My husband and I are total opposites:) God has taught us many things through having to try and understand someone so different. So, everything you’ve just read about me above, he is the opposite:) Before we married, we went through 12 weeks of premarital counseling with our pastor, took many personality and temperament tests (in which wherever he went up, I went down, and vice versa) and were told by our pastor one week before we married, “You can still change your mind.” I think that through all that we’ve learned, we have a stronger marriage, and the ability to share with others to help them have a strong marriage, too. We give God all the glory for 38 years of faithful marriage!
  8. I absolutely love to travel! And I love to fly.  Outside of the U.S., I have only been to Mexico and Canada, but I would love to travel all over the world.
  9. I love meeting and getting to know people from all over the world. When I was little, I would peer over the back of the sofa out the window watching the foreign exchange student who lived a block away as they walked home from school. I asked my parents if we could have a foreign exchange student live with us. They said no. Since having my own home and family, we have had the privilege of hosting dozens of people from around the world in our home, (though no foreign exchange students:) (mostly from Asia) and I have loved every minute of it.
  10. I love reading. I love reading to children. I love books. Words. Communication. I guess that’s one of the reasons that I love blogging:)

So, I suddenly woke up one day and found myself in my late-50’s (I have no idea how that happened), but I’m grateful for the wonderful husband who I’ve been married to for 38 years and that we were blessed to be able to raise and Homeschool our 2 children from start to finish. Dane and Kelsey are now 30 and 26! I wanted more children, but had difficulty with that, and had one miscarriage between our two children (maybe more that weren’t confirmed). I’m thankful for the grace of God in raising the two children that we have and that they love the Lord and are walking with Him. Neither are married, but we pray for Godly spouses (and Grandchildren someday!!!).

I had ovarian cancer in 2002, and had a football-sized tumor removed. They caught it early (a rarity) and I had 3 doses of chemo, followed by participating in a study for those whose cancer is caught early, in which I received weekly low-level doses of chemo for 24 weeks. I thank God for the doctors and nurses who He used to save my life. I’ve been cancer-free for 14 years come May 21.

I’m a Christian wife and mother, a Homeschooler (I still call myself a Homeschooler–you know it doesn’t matter how old your kids are:  once a Homeschooler, always a Homeschooler).  I’m also a stay-at-home mom and wanna-be-published writer.  I love people, sunshine, decorating, showing hospitality, babies, and mentoring younger moms.

Most importantly, I’m a lover of coffee, chocolate, celebrating friends’ birthdays, and words.  Yes, words. Because they’re powerful. Words can change people.  They convey ideas, convict consciences, convince minds, correct error, comfort hurting hearts, and communicate “I love you.”  God sealed the importance of words forever when He said of Jesus Christ, “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

I’m passionate about living for the Lord, especially within the context of family and the home. The most important place where you serve the Lord is in your own home, with your own family.  It’s also the hardest place.  I believe that Satan is working night and day to keep wives and moms from staying home and doing that most important work the Lord has for them. We need to finish well, and the key to doing that is keepin’ on keepin’ on, being faithful, by God’s grace, and trusting in the Lord to help us. Only by His grace will we finish the race He’s given us to run.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9

There’s spiritual power and a testimony to the world
when a Christian couple faithfully builds a loving marriage,
trains up Godly children, and bears lasting fruit, just
living out their day-to-day lives obeying the Word of God,
by the Holy Spirit’s power, standing on the
Firm Foundation of Faith in Jesus Christ.

Is that easy?  No.  After all these years, I see how difficult that is, and that is why I want to encourage you! I am still learning about this subject daily and have definitely not arrived. But, as I learn, I want to help you. I’m willing to be that Titus 2 older woman if you’re looking for one.  I’m available to be your friend. To walk with you on this journey.  We have the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and the precious Lord Jesus Christ Himself to help us.

I want to encourage you as you serve the Lord in your home and family.

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12 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi Wendy! This is Jean from All Nations (Asian gal :)). I had to leave in a hurry and didn’t get to thank you personally for your talk today. So, I want to say a thank you here! Your message was timely and the Lord used it to convict me. Unfulfilled desire has been a recent struggle and your message reminded me of God’s purpose through what seems like a desire that only grows stronger. It is this: the stronger the unfulfilled desire, the more God can demonstrate to me that He alone satisfies exceedingly! At the end of your talk, from feeling so bound and defeated by a desire I cannot seem to control, I came to a point of THANKING God for that strong desire as I have something to offer Him–He can take it and through it display to me His all-sufficiency in a yet greater way. Praise the Lord! I also really enjoyed meeting your daughter, though our interactions were brief. Please say hi to her for me. 🙂 Hope this note blesses you!

    1. Jean, Yes! I am so blessed by this note! (I’m sorry it took so long to respond–it went into spam and got lost there for awhile!) Thank you for sharing what God is doing in your heart! I am overjoyed! Praise the Lord. He is so good, isn’t He? We all have desires and longings, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear how God is moving in your life:

      “At the end of your talk, from feeling so bound and defeated by a desire I cannot seem to control, I came to a point of THANKING God for that strong desire as I have something to offer Him–He can take it and through it display to me His all-sufficiency in a yet greater way. Praise the Lord!”

      Jean, I know that you will find Him absolutely faithful and sufficient. I know that He will become more real, more precious to you as you allow Him to have those deepest parts of your heart, and your dearest desires. Please keep me updated as to what the Lord is doing in your life! I’m excited!

      Much love,

  2. Thank You for this website. What a blessing it is! It’s funny, this past Sunday my husband decided to split our Teen S.S. class into a girl session and a guy session. I had to teach the class for girls, and haven’t taught a S.S. class in probably 4 years. I was so nervous! But the Lord brought me through it just fine. Well, my class was on Titus 2, the older ladies teaching the younger ladies. This next week we are doing the same thing and I’ve been nervous because I am teaching on being “chaste”. We’ve had a problem with skirts becoming shorter and shorter, but parents seem to be fine with the way their girls are dressing. I’m nervous because I don’t want to offend, but at the same time I don’t want to compromise. Your site’s articles and the replies to the articles have really guided and directed me on saying things the way they should be said. WORDS, as you said, have a great impact. I want the impact of my words to bring honour and glory to God by helping these young girls not hindering them. Thank You again, you’ve been an encouragement! Nicki : )

    1. Thank you, Nicki, for this encouraging comment! I am praying for you that God will lead you to the Bible verses you should study as you prepare to talk to the girls on the subject of being chaste, and that Satan will be bound and rebuked in any efforts he makes against you and your speaking! Let me know how it goes:) I praise the Lord that the articles on Modesty were a help to you, as well as the comments. You say the parents don’t seem to care (that their daughters’ skirts are going higher), but perhaps some of them do, and their daughters are brushing them off? Pray for both the girls and their parents. You have the wonderful opportunity to encourage young women to take the high ground and not even have the appearance of evil (1 Thess. 5:22), not causing their brothers to stumble by their dress, and also to honor their parents, if they do care. Prayer and time in the Word are your best preparation for the class, of course. Your comment to me is a reminder to me that we, as “older” women (I don’t know how old you are, but I am an older woman:), must always examine ourselves as we speak to others to make sure that our example in dress, attitude and thought life is above reproach.

      Nicki, I so appreciate your taking the time to write this comment! It brought me so much encouragement!
      Let me know how your Sunday school class goes, ok? I’m praying!

  3. Private:

    Love your topics and how you use your personal experience to encourage young moms. Are you available for speaking engagements? I would love to chat with you to discuss that possibility.
    Claudia Malone, All Nations Baptist Church, Mpls., Mn.

    1. Claudia, Thank you for contacting me and for your lovely comments, though I don’t feel I deserve them. I will be getting back to you on your speaking request, but yes, I am interested! Thank you, again, and hope to see you here often. Blessings, Wendy

  4. Wendy, girl you are beautiful through and through. Love your blog and your writing. We are blessed to have you At The Well and I am so glad you linked up today with Koinonia Thursday’s! 🙂

    1. Though I didn’t get back to you, I want you to know that your comment made my day! It has continued to play in my mind and bless me. Thanks, Chelsey. I have also been praying for you, girl.

  5. A Titus 2 woman! The world needs more “older” ladies who’ve been in the trenches and can mentor those who are still in. I’m your newest follower (via Facebook). 🙂

  6. Welcome, Tapu! It’s always encouraging when God starts a new generation of Christians in a family that hasn’t believed in Him. I will be praying for you and your husband as you raise your children for the Lord.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Nice 2 C your blog. I got it thru my friend Vijaya from Sartell, MN. I am a stay-at-home mom. I have a toddler girl & another one due in 6 mos. I very badly needed Christian guidance to raise my kids. Specially, me & my hubby being the only Christians in our families.


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