Hospitality Week Food Friday: Special, Yet Easy Recipes!

Because this is such HOSPITALITY WEEK, I thought I’d do something totally different for Food Friday!  There are times when you want to serve something SPECIAL, food-wise, and yet you don’t want it to be so difficult and time-consuming that it takes you away from what’s important:  spending time with your guests!  So, I went on a search, and want to share with you these AMAZING RECIPES from across the Blogosphere and internet, via links and photos. When you try these, please comment here and let us all know how great they were, and any little tips for making them, ok?
I love the color in this first one, an appetizer, and at this time of year, you can’t go wrong with turkey and cranberries.

HappyMama has this awesome appetizer,
Cranberry Turkey Crostini
This recipe just makes my mouth water, every time I think about it! Wow!
This guy has come up with a really warm, inviting soup!
This would be a great soup to serve to friends
at a casual Sunday night informal supper
and absolutely perfect this time of year for using all that pumpkin you have.
From Closet Cooking:
No photo for the next one, but being Swedish,
I couldn’t help including this recipe:)
I love Rob Barrett’s cooking videos, and it’s not just because he lives in my city!
I have posted a bunch of Rob’s recipes before, but this one is just perfect if you want to plan a really special Christmas meal,
but true to form, Rob shows us how to make this soooo simple!
From Cooking for Dads (not just for dads, but for everyone who likes Easy, Delicious Food!)
Rob Barrett shows us how to make a special meal for Christmas: Prime Rib!
I can think of so many ways you could do this, for example,
a quiet get-together with another couple or two (feed the kids early and put them to bed:)
or a family Christmas tradition–you could even go to your church’s candlelight service
and when you get home your Prime Rib will be done!
And I saved the Best for last:  Dessert!
Did you know you can invite people over just for Dessert?
Of Course you can.
Or Dessert and a Night of Table Games
~Super Simple~
Ready Set Create:
From Joy of Desserts and More:
I hope you’ll enjoy checking out these sites and recipes!  It was really fun to find them, and I hope you like them as well.  Now, go call up someone and invite them over!

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