Keeper at Home

These are posts that relate to you as a woman who sees God’s calling on your life to be a ”Keeper at Home” (See Titus 2)  You may be a future “Keeper at Home”.  Maybe you’re a daughter-at-home, preparing for marriage someday.  Maybe you’re a young wife, newlywed, or maybe you’re an empty-nester.  And maybe you’re out in the middle of the sea, fighting to stay afloat, with a houseful of kids and responsibilities, and so busy, you can’t see straight.  Whatever your stage of life, you’re finding out what it means to be at home, what you’re supposed to be doing, and what God wants for you there…you’re learning how to be content, what is your role, what it all means.  I want to encourage you, and think this through together and see what God might say to us on this important subject.

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